Group Therapy

Every Wednesday I go to Turning Point, in Oxford and participate in a form of group work called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). It is structured so each week there is a new topic that links on from the previous so over the length of the course you’re able to build up a portfolio of knowledge to take away with you and practice in the “real world”!

Todays topic was about being in the present and recognising thoughts/emotions that could lead to particular behaviours ie drink/drug use, or perhaps using a substance to mask those unwanted feelings. The thing is it’s not bad to feel, that’s just part of being human. The problem is the actions we take to control or avoid them!

This leads me on to our “homework” assignment. For the next week, about 10 mins each day, the group has been tasked with finding a quiet place and to just sit and be aware of whatever thought, feeling, urge or emotion comes along. Sounds easy! I know from previous experience that it can be really uncomfortable. Once you stop and take away distractions the mind starts to race and all sorts of things come to the surface, some welcome and some not so much. It does take practise but do you become emotionally stronger, more capable of being with yourself and accepting who you are.

That’s it for this post,

Stay safe.