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  • Cell-based vaccines, in general have been produced using egg grown candidate viruses. It has been reported that it would be a major advantage to dispose of candidate vaccine viruses that are grown in cell culture (Zhang et al., 2011; Reed, 1938). This is because the use of egg grown candidate viruses could be a constraint if the subsequent vaccine…[Read more]

  • For monolithic zirconia, regardless of thickness, DC values of resin cements were significantly different. When resin cements cured under veneered zirconia, Zirconite showed significantly highest DC value among resin cements. The DC value of Variolink II dual-cured was significantly lower compared with Variolink II light-cured and Zirconite under…[Read more]

  • The settling and hardening reactions take place at room temperature, but sometimes slightly elevated curing temperatures (up to 80°C) are used to enhance some properties. Hardened products may possess mechanical properties comparable to ordinary Portland cement concrete (OPC) or even better. Geopolymers exhibit good thermal and fire resistance of…[Read more]

  • Although CPV can be maintained in the environment for months (McCaw and Hoskins, 2006), a recent study has shown that CPV can be transmitted not only by direct contact but also through vectors such as flies (Bagshaw et al., 2014). A high amount of waste in urban areas could lead to higher concentration of flies at these sites than in rural areas,…[Read more]

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