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  • AcknowledgementsThis work was funded by National Research Center, Dokki, Giza, Egypt. The authors are grateful to the staff of Agricultural Experiment Station, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University for the help provided during sample collection.IntroductionHuman populations around the world are not only extremely diverse but also show wide…[Read more]

  • According to the recommendations of the Veterinary Department, samples of tongue, ocular musculature, muscles of anterior and posterior flippers and diaphragm pillars were excised and examined from the corpses of marine mammals, whereas for terrestrial animals, samples taken from diaphragm pillars, leg muscles, masseters and intercostal muscles…[Read more]

  • ResultsA total of 50 female patients underwent complete investigations and follow up. The patients’ ages ranged from 20 to 85 years (mean ± standard deviation, 60.6 ± 14.9). The mean follow-up duration was 61.8 ± 36.0 months (range, 6–129). Twenty-nine (58%) patients were classified into the neurogenic DU group, and the other 21 (42%) were class…[Read more]

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    Materials and methodsAcknowledgementsThis work was funded by the South Dakota Animal Disease Research & Diagnostic Laboratory, the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (AES Hatch Projects SDH00392 and SD00H517-14), and Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc (Project 3P5742). We thank Dr. Sabrina Swenson from the National Veterinary Service…[Read more]

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    Based on their pathogenicity in chickens, NDV may be classified as highly virulent (velogenic), moderately virulent (mesogenic) and low virulent (lentogenic), which, respectively, could cause fatal, clinical or subclinical infections in chickens (Kang et al., 2014; Liu et al., 2003; Snoeck et al., 2013a; Wu et al., 2011). The amino ido1 inhibitor [Read more]

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    TCEP causes reduction of disulfide bonds of chymotrypsin, and (as in the case of albumin) the most developed spectral changes are observed at frequencies corresponding to the ggg conformation (Fig. 4a). The cleavage of disulfide bonds is additionally proven by an increase in the intensity of the Raman signal corresponding to the SH stretching mode…[Read more]

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    Materials and methodsResultsDiscussionThe major finding of this study was the increase in sIgG to concentrations that would be considered adequate in terms of the passive transfer of immunity, throughout the period of observation. To the best of our knowledge, this result has not been described before and is in contrast with recent studies…[Read more]

  • Histopathology revealed multiple variously sized and shaped, connective tissue outlined, cavities that replaced and compressed the lung parenchyma. Each cavity contained several thin walled cysticerci. In the cyticerci single inverted protoscolex, one or more acetabula and rostelum with two rows of hooks, and numerous calcareous bodies were…[Read more]

  • Early work on the SAMHD1 protein suggested it to be involved in regulating the innate immune response as mutations in SAMHD1 have been associated with Acardi-Goutieres Syndrome (AGS), a syndrome associated with increased production of interferon alpha (Dussaix et al., 1985; Rice et al., 2009). Accordingly, SAMHD1 knockout mice, while…[Read more]

  • Unlike in the cloacal faecal samples, small numbers of parasite eggs were detected throughout the experiment in the faecal samples collected from the manure belts. This was probably due to environmental parasite egg contamination, despite our attempt to exclude these by operating the manure belts prior to sampling. As previously suggested…[Read more]

  • Since the brief war with Georgia in the autumn of 2008 military modernization has been a top priority of the Russian government. In December 2010 Medvedev, as President, signed off an extremely ambitious state armaments programme to 2020 providing for spending new armaments, the repair and modernization of existing equipment, and military R&D of…[Read more]

  • The occurrence of E. granulosus sensu stricto and E. canadensis G7 genotype in sympatry is being confirmed in the country. The detection of the G7 genotype in two fertile hydatid cysts of sheep origin collected in the Peloponnese is reported for the first time in Greece. It is of note that although the number of the isolates originated from this…[Read more]

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    The present study suggests that feline sarcoids are caused by cross-species infection by a BPV. A previous study of feline sarcoids did not detect L1 protein or PV DNA within the epithelium overlying the sarcoid, suggesting BPV-14 replication does not occur in cats and cats are dead-end hosts for this PV (Teifke et al., 2003). If BPV-14 cannot…[Read more]

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    It may be argued that the continuous growth of its economic power throughout the 2000s is the most significant factor that shapes Turkey’s prospects in Eurasia. It is true that the country entered the decade with one of the worst financial crises of its history, which eventually paved the way for the newly founded AKP’s rise to power in the 2002…[Read more]

  • In this study high multi-resistance rates were found in the three populations. High prevalence of tetracycline resistance was observed in both animal and farmer isolates, similar results have been obtaining in the study of Jaglic et al. (2010). Both in animal and hospital-associated isolates high resistances were found against kanamycin,…[Read more]

  • MethodsTwo swine herds in the Midwest United States were identified and matched by genetics, management company and health, excluding the history of PEDv infection. Fecal swabs and sera were collected from 30 representative sows in each herd. Fecal swabs were tested by PEDv reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for presence of…[Read more]

  • Materials and methodsResults and discussionConclusionPeople who attended the FAMACHA© training declared that after the course they started to deworm their animals using criteria that could help to maintain a higher proportion of the nematode population in the refugia (that is, untreated) than would be the case if treatment of the whole flock were…[Read more]

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    Fig. 18 shows the performance improvement achieved by both PCCW and EPCCW as compared to SFR at 75 m communications range and inter-vehicular spacing of 10 m. It shows that our proposed protocol designs significantly improve success rate performance, where EPCCW protocol’s success rate goes beyond 90%. Figs. 19 and 20 show the performance of PCCW…[Read more]

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    are associated with low LDL-C levels [4]. Hence, PCSK9 inhibition is a highly interesting target for a novel generation of cholesterol-lowering drugs (PCSK9-inhibitors), currently being intensively tested in clinical trials [5–7].Whether dietary factors may have an impact on the levels of PCSK9 has only been investigated to a very limited extent […[Read more]

  • Representative scanning electron micrographs of (A) untreated maize starch, (B)… Download full-size imageFig. 3. Representative scanning electron micrographs of (A) untreated maize starch, (B) maize starch treated by ball-milling in ceramic pots, and (C) maize starch treated by ball-milling in stainless steel pots.Representative scanning e…[Read more]

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